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Authentic Southeast Asian Street Food

Banana Leaf Kitchen


Our menu features authentic Lao & Thai dishes, containing only fresh and quality ingredients. Each dish is jam packed with flavor and will surely take your tastebuds on a spin!

Chicken Satay

4 chicken skewers served with peanut sauce.


Deep fried meatballs served with sweet and sour sauce.

Deep Fried Short Ribs

Served with roasted jalapeño sauce.

Lao Papaya Salad

Shredded green papaya with crab paste, lime, Thai chili peppers, and sugar.

Fried Chicken Wings

4 chicken wings served with spicy sauce.

Larb Chicken

Mixed with lime, rice powder, lemongrass, mint leaves, cilantro, chili, onions.

Fried Rice

Fried rice, eggs, onions, and vegetables.

Holy Basil

Ground pork stir-fried with basil, Thai chili, onions, bell peppers.

Khua Mee

Lao pan fried rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, green onions, cilantro.

Lao Sausage

Deep fried or grilled, served with roasted jalapeño sauce.

Pad Thai

Shrimp, eggs, bean sprouts, scallions.

Mango Sticky Rice

Currently not available.
Banana Leaf Kitchen

11am-8pm (closed Tuesdays)

We don't serve fast food. We serve fresh food as fast as we can.

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